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I am continually asked about the volume of business I do flipping and wholesaling homes which I intentionally have kept close to the vest for a number of years. This weekend, however, I was convinced by an old friend to divulge some details of my business with the intention of expanding my social media reach to potential bird dogs, sellers, private lenders and the such in addition to elevating the knowledge base of who I am to those who don’t know me in the market.

Since I already bombard you guys with my wholesale properties on social media, I figured I would spread out the information for everyone, so over the next couple of weeks or so I will be sending out the details of each individual wholesale deal, flip under construction, flip on the market and flip under contract I have going on. The numbers are constantly changing however here is a snapshot as of this morning of my current activity which I will be sending out in more detail over the next couple of weeks:

Current Inventory as of 7/18/16

  • -7 wholesale properties under contract to purchase or wholesale prior to COE.(two were put under contract this morning)
  • -7 wholesale properties currently in inventory which I have purchased over the last 2 to 3 weeks
  • -8 wholesale properties under contract to sell either via assignment or double escrow(Prior to COE) or under contract to sell after I acquired them.
  • -17 retail flips under construction currently between Denver and Phoenix.
  • -7 retail flips listed on the market
  • -5 retail flips under contract set to close over the next 30 days

I want to be VERY CLEAR that the intent here is not to establish a platform to teach or educate. I am NOT AN EDUCATOR! I do however pride myself on being the biggest and best wholesaler and flipper in the Arizona Market which I feel is the most difficult market to have success flipping in the entire country. I am the guy all the educators, social media experts and gurus claim to be. I don’t drive a Lambo or wear Lois Vuitton shoes, I wear shorts and flip flops most days to my little office in Chandler and I haven’t worn a suit in years. I have been doing this for close to 16 years, and I could not even guess the number of homes I have wholesaled or flipped. I have also lost more money than most make in a lifetime and likely made more mistakes than anyone else in the business, but that is what put me where I am at today. Whenever I have fallen, I have always just picked myself back up and gotten right back to the grind, and failure is something that still happens to this day. I lose money on about 1 in 18 deals…BUT I make money on the other 17.

A primary intent of this campaign is to also set myself apart from a number of my competitors in the wholesale market, and to create a knowledge base for people to deal directly with the biggest buyer of SFR’s/Townhomes/Condos in AZ. As you can see by my inventory snapshot, I actually close deals. I do not tie things up to try to wholesale the property only to bail at the last minute if I can’t wholesale it. The network and marketing campaigns I have developed along with a number of local bird dogs, sellers, wholesalers etc…know from the word go that if I commit to the deal I will close and close fast. From their perspective the deal is done the minute I say I will take it, which allows them to focus on finding deals and making more money rather than wasting time trying to find a buyer. Regardless of what is represented by my local competitors there is no one else in my market who can close on every deal they are presented that pencils or is profitable enough to fit their model. Since I am the one who makes the final decision, I can underwrite a property faster than anyone in town, which allows me to say yes or no sometimes in minutes but never longer than a couple of hours. (I take my laptop everywhere) Therefore if you have a wholesale deal you would like to sell or know a distressed seller who needs to close quickly. Please send it my way either by PM or email me at

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