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A quick message to new and struggling real estate investors out there: 

As the saying goes beware of wolves in sheeps’ clothing. However I suggest that a more suitable phrase for our industry is beware of wolves in wolves’ clothing. I warn you all that we are all working within small confines full of the most unscrupulous sharks, thieves, man eating lions and any other form of nastiness you can think of. As you are sitting in the hyped up-“your going to be a millionaire with no work or effort” seminars just keep this in mind. This is a fact they conveniently omit from their seminars.

Heck one of them may be standing in front of you trying to get you to unload your checking account or max out your credit card to pay him or her to learn the business. If you hear the phrase “you will make it all back on your first flip” I would rethink it. 

This is a one of the most cut throat businesses out there and there are people in the industry that will cut your knees out from under you at the drop of a hat. There are a lot of well financed, very smart, very savvy, very evil individuals and groups who do not want to see their competition increase. Even the ones educating have a tendency to hold back the best tips and information for themselves. They are very Clever in their delivery of information. 

Ironically the better you are, the better you get, the more savvy you become at this business the more attention you will receive from the worst of these individuals. The business is too profitable. They don’t want more competition, and they will go to great efforts to run you out of the business.

I have been in this industry for over 1/3 of my life. I have not only battled through the worst financial and real estate crash since the great depression, but I have also personally partnered with, been screwed by, beat back, sued, been sued, and fought with some of the worst of these types. I have deep scars to show for the battles I have lost, but I have always gotten back up to fight the good fight. After it all I am still standing strong and kicking ass, but I don’t want anyone to think this ride is smooth and easy. I have also learned from every fight, failure and fall. This education has not been cheap, and to the chagrin of two especially nasty individuals, I am here to stay regarding of their best efforts.

This business can be unbelievably profitable and there is plenty to go around for everyone, but I tell you BEWARE!!!! Do your due diligence on anyone you are thinking of partnering with, getting a private loan from, lending money to, or thinking of paying to learn the business. If their attorney shows up on the website for being indicted for fraud you probably want to steer clear.

I have been approached by every show in town about teaching and getting in the education business, and I have passed every time. I tell you all this, because I am not interested in selling you a dream or getting paid $30,000 to teach you this business. 

I will however sell you a wholesale property. If you are a new, old, or struggling investor, I will meet you at the home. I will go over the comparables with you. I will walk you through the property and suggest renovations, I will set you up with a contractor and tell you how much everything should cost so you are not taken advantage of. I will set you up with a hard money lender or help you set up private money lenders, and I will line you up with a listing agent to sell it for top dollar. 

I will also buy your wholesale property. If you have a deal you can’t get funded or closed send it to me and I will give you an answer asap. Sometimes within minutes, and I don’t care how much you make. If the deal makes sense, I will do the deal.

I am the fulfillment of everything the educators teach. I create Win-Win Transactions.

If you are a realtor contact me about my upcoming flips so we can get your clients into exactly what they want.

I was provided a friendly warning earlier this week that I will likely be banned from most of the real estate forums for my posts. Well…So be it. Send me a friend request as I post these on my page as well as my company page Win-Win Transactions.

Have a great Saturday!

John May 

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