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1502 W. Monroe St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

1502 W Monroe St Phoenix Arizona 85007
1502 W. Monroe St, Phoenix, AZ 85007


2214 SF + Basement
8 bedrooms/4.5 bathrooms
Plus 400 SF Guest House with 2 beds/1 bath Over Garage
2 car garage

Wholesale Price: $360,000 OBO
Retail Price: $750,000

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Win-Win Transactions brings you another Incredible wholesale property located in the Craftsman Historic District in Downtown Phoenix. This is a big project but has big potential for profits. The home was recently used as a 6 unit apartment including the guest house. The home has been trashed out and ready to be rehabbed. The ARV may be conservative as the comps are much smaller and less SF. The home is vacant. Contact John for access.
Contact John at 602-763-3955 for more information and access.

Favorable financing available for any property we sell. Inquire about terms and concession structure.

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