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***ACTIVE*** 3236 E Altadena Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85028

Retail Price: $500,000.00
Wholesale Price: $332,500.00
3236 E Altadena Ave Phoenix Arizona 85028
***ACTIVE*** 3236 E Altadena Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85028


3236 E Altadena Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85028
1829 SF
3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom
2 car garage

Wholesale Price:  $332,500
Retail Price: $455,000 w/o pool
$500,000 w/ pool

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Win-Win Transactions brings you another Incredible wholesale property located in North Phoenix.  This property is clean and in average or dated condition.  The property has tons of potential and this is the cheapest SFR available within a mile.  To optimize value a small play pool can be added to the property to get around $500,000 ARV.  Simply remodeled the property will likely sell for around $455,000 and potentially more if the market continues to appreciate.  The home is vacant however access needs to be scheduled.  Contact John for more access info.

Contact John at 602-763-3955 for more information and access.


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